What is Digital Access?

A Digital Access course has multiple sections. When registered for the "live section," a seat is reserved for you to attend the lecture while it is being recorded for later digital access. When registered for a "Digital Access section" you are expected to attend the class by viewing the Windows Media file as it was captured during the “live section,” although you are always welcome to attend “live section” if there is an open seat in the classroom.

All students should log into UBlearns at the beginning of semester to retrieve important course documents. Digital Access students return to UBlearns every week to view their lectures. Courses which are currently being offered via Digital Access during fall and spring semesters include:

Any sections of these courses labeled "ARR" (Arranged) are Digital Access sections. Any other sections (those that display a distinct time and date on the university course schedule) require live attendance. Be aware that some courses such as MGQ 201 may offer lectures via Digital Access, but require attendance of a weekly "live" lab section that you will be required to register into as well.

How is Digital Access Different From a Regular Lecture Class?

Digital Access allows participation in these classes according to your own schedule - you can watch lectures at your convenience. It’s no problem to stop lectures and take a break, listen to a difficult topic more than once, or review entire lectures when studying for an exam. Even students who regularly attend the “live section” of a class often use Digital Access for studying.

What does Digital Access Look Like?

Each lecture will be captured digitally, as it happens. If you have registered for the Digital Access section, you will access the digital lectures through UBlearns.

See a tutorial and test video of Echo360.

What if I am Still Not Sure I want to see Lectures This Way?

Register for the live section. If the live section is closed, you may still attend the live section on a space-available basis. Please see the sections specific to the course you are taking for further details.

What if I am not a Major in the School of Management?

MGQ 201 is open to all university students. Non majors interested in MGQ 301, MGF 301, MGS 351 or MGO 302 should stop into the Undergraduate Academic Programs Office in 204 Alfiero Center during the open registration period.

Where do I get help with playback or missing content?

Contact the Help Desk: cit-helpdesk@buffalo.edu or call 645-3542.

Check out the Student Guide to Echo360
(Launches vendor's website)

How long before recordings are available to view?

It could take up to 12 hours for each course to process and appear in UBlearns.

Where do I find the recordings?

Login to in UBlearns. Find the Video Access link in the course menu. Click on the Video Links link to open the EchoCenter page and see all of the recordings for your course.

UBlearns links

What do I Need to Watch My Lectures?

You need high-speed Internet access. A dial-up modem will not be sufficient to support the video files. Students who do not have a fast enough modem connection at home typically watch lectures in campus computer labs. You will need a set of headphones to watch in the labs.

Playback through web browsers requires Flash Player.

It is also possible to download and save your lectures to view at home. You can use a USB drive to transport the files. You will need a media player such as VLC or Windows Media Player.

How do I speed up or slow down the playback of recordings?

When viewing on a web browser: hover over the speed icon speed button closed

It will open to reveal a slider to adjust the speed up or down speed button open

Note: the video window stops working when the speed is other then 1.0. Only content shows while the audio plays at a different speed.

When viewing downloaded recordings: most media players will have an option to change the playback speed. When in doubt try VLC Player.

How do I download recordings?

Select a recording and look at the Information tab
download links

Two download options are available:

Audio File (mp3) which is audio only from the recording
Video File (m4v) which shows the content and the audio

How do I view recordings on mobile devices?

On mobile devices you can only stream the content plus audio (or audio-only). The rich media playback, with instructor video plus the content, is available on desktop computers with Flash player installed.

iOS devices will be able to view the content plus audio through a web browser app or the Blackboard Mobile Learn app

Android devices will have trouble playing the recordings. Some users may be able to download the Video File or Audio File and play them back, others will not. The workaround is to download the files locally to the device and they will play as normal video or audio files.
The vendor is aware of this problem and is working to correct it.

Complete information on the Blackboard Mobile Learn app is here on UBit.